The LLR Team

Jacob Duncan is the creator and host of Liberation Living Room and leads its house band, Liberation Prophecy. He is a musician, composer, clinician and teacher. For the past 10 years, Duncan has worked with children and teens who have behavioral issues and autism through the community-based program at Uspiritus-Brooklawn.

Andrea Kiefer is the videographer and editor for Liberation Living Room. She is employed at Vest Advertising Marketing and
Public Relations. In the past, she has worked as a telecine assistant and on- set dailies operator at Postworks, as well as as a VT operator at Clear Cut Pictures.

Greta Smith is the writer and creative consultant for Liberation Living Room. She is a songwriter, performer and Montessori teacher.

Brian Lueken is the Liberation Living Room’s resident audio engineer. He is a mastering engineer at Decibel Mastering and a recording engineer at Coincident Pair Recording.

Squallis Puppeteers, a Louisville non-profit puppet performance troupe headed by Nora Christensen and Shawn Hennessey, perform during each episode.

Amy Seibert is a videographer for Liberation Living Room. She is an accomplished and skilled videographer who has worked on American Idol, feature films, and her own works.

Caitlin Elliott is the graphic designer for Liberation Living Room. She is a full time art director and graphic design specialist.

Chris Fitzgerald, member of Liberation Prophecy, currently teaches full time at the University of Louisville, where his teaching duties include jazz theory, traditional theory, improvisation, bass, and piano.

Mike Hyman, member of Liberation Prophecy, teaches at University of Louisville as drum instructor.

Carly Johnson, member of Liberation Prophecy, is a vocalist and also teaches at the University of Louisville.

Craig Wagner, member of Liberation Prophecy, is a guitar player and teacher in the Louisville area. He also as a professor at University of Louisville.

Chris Fortner, member of Liberation Prophecy, trombonist extraordinaire.

Steve Good, member of Liberation Prophecy, bass clarinet, Tenor, clarinet etc.