Liberation Living Room is a concert and discussion based children’s show created by Jacob Duncan, the leader of the jazz folk/rock band, Liberation Prophecy. The episodes have taken place at Greenhaus in Louisville, KY, a locally and family-owned furniture store, for an audience of children and puppets. The puppets are provided by Squallis Puppeteers, which is run by Shawn Hennessey and Nora Christensen.

“The children are the audience and the reason for the show, but for the adults who happen to be lucky enough to be chosen to accompany those children, they’re also the most entertaining part of any episode. It is impressive—not only how engaged the children are, how intently they listen to the music, how eager they are to talk to the musicians and pick their brains, but also that Duncan has created a space in which the children are encouraged and expected to do those things. The show never talks down to the audience. Whether house band Liberation Prophecy is doing an avant garde arrangement of a tune, or a guest is playing a complex classical composition, or singing lyrics like Ben Sollee’s “Some folks are heroes/others may be vilified/assess your losses/learn to diversify,” the children are right there with the artists, riding their waves.

The show is young . . . [but], has already attracted some respected guests, among them composer Rachel Grimes, songwriters Tyrone Cotton and Will Oldham, and superstar Norah Jones. The children, however, are equally enthralled and thrilled at each recording, regardless of how well known the musicians might be. Equally as important, to attend the live show is an opportunity for the adults in the audience–rubbing elbows with puppets, seeing the highly professional production crew grinning and giddy behind their cameras and microphones–to catch that child-like spirit and really drink in the Liberation Living Room motto, ‘Everyone in this room is an artist. Don’t let anyone tell you different.'” -Greta Smith